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JeanBank is a member of the Cloud Sharing Network! Turn casual clothes into assets!
casual, vintage, handmade & unique clothing and shoes plus accessories

APPRAISALS based on the original MSRP, current price, condition & interest or customer's Perception of Value - ThredUp doesn't
Why buy ONE PIECE at when you can get a MINI-WARDROBE and 100% VALUE for YOU0R Cloud Sharing GOODS at JeanBank!
All goods below EXCLUDED by ~ Cloud Sharing begins January 2017 ~ contact: ~

rollover pics~ENLARGE click~SUPERSIZE ~ available Cloud Sharing Boxes Wed 9:01pm ET 10/26/16 ~ Values calculated by Cloud Sharing Bank database or Depositor

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Each JeanBank/USPS Sharing Box is loaded. Questions? contact Jeanie B 530-763-BANK
 You've got a $100 to $2500 G'OLD saved for untold reasons! JeanBank opens January 2017)