Cloud Sharing Network

NO CASH ~ Cloud Sharing Currency makes Sharing Parity possible ~ Owners retain 100% of Cloud Sharing value
Non- functioning Mock-up Under Construction ~ JeanBank will be the first Cloud Sharing Network site

SHARING APPRAISALS based on the original MSRP, current price, condition & interest or customer's Perception of Value
Get a mini-wardrobe using 100% of YOUR SHARED ASSET(S) VALUE or Buy ONE ITEM at or for CASH?
All goods below are EXCLUDED from TheRealReal & ThredUp ~ Cloud Sharing begins February 2018 ~ contact:

rollover pics~ENLARGE click~SUPERSIZE ~ available Cloud Sharing Boxes Mon 7:54am ET 12/11/17 ~ Values determined by Cloud Sharing Bank database or Depositor

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~ First Deposits, First Withdrawals ~ 
Each JeanBank/USPS Sharing Box is loaded. Questions? contact Jeanie B 530-763-BANK
 You've got a $100 to $2500 G'OLD saved for untold reasons! JeanBank opens January 2017)