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They had 1.8 million!

ThredUp's 'clean-out bag' holds approx. 20 items but only 50% are accepted and goods sell at their price!
Your most expensive goods are accepted on consignment only
You must pay to get unsold goods returned or give them up for free!
Contact- 513-266-9136 -or 530-763-2265

Appraisals by Jean Bank or Depositor  ~   JeanBank Cloud Sharing Boxes updated Fri 4:15am ET 6/14/24 

Goldman-Sachs recently added $81 million to the $50 million already invested
$131,000,000 in Harvard School of Business 'Spirit of Enterprise Competition' spawned

and $100 million was added to online reseller/consignment fashion oriented sites
Poshmark, Twice, TheRealReal, Swap, SnobSwap & Ebay Valet where you
"send us your premium goods to learn if we will accept them and how much they are $$$ worth!
A Cloud Sharing World Network of sites like JeanBank are coming! 
ThredUp = most customer earn 10% to 25% of what ThredUp decides their excellent goods are worth (if accepted)
     example: customers must sell 4 pair of $190 premium jeans to ThredUp just to buy 1 used pair from ThredUp
Cloud Sharing JeanBank = M$RP (or current market) x Condition x Interest or customer's perception of value reigns!
     example: JeanBank Cloud Sharing is 1-for-1 (Sharing Parity), customers retain 100% of retail based value
JeanBank vs ThredUp: click link for box/bag Comparison of Value

ThredUp accepts: ONLY 50% of select kids/women's brands, styles, sizes, colors, materials - excellent condition only
          EARN: most accepted goods earn 10-25% (chart below) of what ThredUp decides it's worth
JeanBank accepts: EVERYTHING - all casual, vintage, custom clothing and accessories in every condition
          EARN: you price'm and keep 100% of everything (Cloud Sharing Bank/JeanBank guides appraisals)
ThredUp says:
We pay shipping, if we price your goods under $60 we credit you upfront "any item with an initial listing price of
$60 or more qualifies for a consignment payout so you can earn an even higher payout!!!!!!!!
This means you will earn 50% to 80% of the selling price once an item has sold!" (But what if it doesn't sell?)
CONSIGNMENT - Everything You Need To Know! - (taken from ThredUp website FAQ)
"The ThredUp percentage you will earn is based on the initial listing price of the item as determined by ThredUp.
For example, If your dress is initially listed on for $90, you will earn 60% of the final selling price."
(BUT if it doesn't sell in ninety days you either pay to get item back or give item to ThredUp)

Here is ThredUp's handy dandy chart:
Initial Listing Price % of Selling Price You Earn Upfront    (ThredUp says: we reject 50% of items received)
     $14.99-$_6.49 10% Upfront         $60.00-$_89.99 50% Consignment (90 days then give'm up for free)
     $15.00-$19.99 15% Upfront         $90.00-$149.99 60% Consignment (90 days then give'm up for free)
     $20.00-$39.99 25% Upfront         $150.00-299.99 70% Consignment (90 days then give'm up for free)
     $40.00-$59.99 40% Upfront         $300.00 and up 80% Consignment (90 days then give'm up for free)

ThredUp customer bag #B2Q44-VM54G (20 items accepted - a rarity)
ThredUp_vs_JeanBank Satisfaction Study
ThredUp says:
....Every day someone emails us and asks why their payout on items was low or why we didn’t accept all the items in their bag. Once in awhile people accuse of stealing their items. Sometimes people think we’re trying to scam them and they leave terrible reviews all over the web. Occasionally people accuse us of fraud and say absolutely terrible things about us personally or question our motivations..... (if you love thredUP, throw us a bone over at
Second-Hand Clothing Site ThredUP Gets $81M in Funding
Sep 17, 2015 by Tabby McFarland In Finance

........ThredUp has seen significant growth over the last year, jumping from around 700,000 people visiting the site in 2014 to 1.8 million in just August of this year, alone. The company says they expect to process more than 2 million pieces of clothing each month by 2016 and plans to use the money raised in this latest round of investments to accommodate this increase in volume. ThredUP faces competition in the second-hand clothing online marketplace from sites like Swap and Tradesy. Having recently opened a 136,000 square foot facility in Pennsylvania, ThredUP has plans to open two more facilities by the end of next year. There are also plans to hire around a thousand more employees to staff the new “high-throughput” facilities. James Reinhart, CEO and co-founder of ThredUP, stated:.........

JeanBank says:
Ebay proved it's not necessary to 'warehouse' goods and doing so limits available inventory
  - Multiple items from JeanBank are more inticing & satisfying
  - inventory & purchasing costs are zero.
ThredUp items carry expensive handling, costly storage, dead inventory write-off expenses
  - customer resentment for rejected goods and small payout.
Cloud Sharing customers prefer:
3 rules of shopping: inventory, inventory, inventory
   1-for-1 sharing parity with 100% return
   multiple items - mini-wardrobes
  your goods - 100% accepted
   unique global opportunities
   generous appraisals
   100% control

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