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JeanBank target Depositors are Primary Retail Appare Cloud Sharing World Apparel Updated Market Consumers
2013 study - much was written pre-Cloud Sharing concept and prior to current market boom

       Global apparel and footwear sales of $2 trillion are predicted by 2018 with global jean sales hitting $57 billion. The $400 billion domestic clothing market returns a miniscule residual value post-primary purchase because of three limited post-wearing disposal options: Donate, Consign or Auction! Secondary sales of these goods, mostly donations to charity, reach $14½ billion annually but return very little or nothing to the original purchaser. Are these goods actually worthless or undervalued for a reason? JeanBank's goal is an exchange of owned but dormant goods that recognizes the true value of the Depositor's goods where little post-purchase residual value now exists; bottoms, tops, shoes, jackets, outerwear and accessories extensively jeans, denim, athletic, casual & specialty clothing. There's G'OLD assets buried within drawers & closets in 7-out-of-8 households. JeanBank creates a fair and uniform system of evaluating goods and provides instant access to 'new' clothing options!

        From 1990 to 2008 JeanBank operated brick'n motar 2-for-1 casual clothing exchanges in SW Ohio carrying an inventory of 10,000 jeans. Recycling money spent long ago on goods no longer worn, consumers Save on 'new' clothes while Conserving natural resources. JeanBank is a 1-for-1 exchange of USPS boxes full of mini-wardrobes (not single goods but multiple items). By virtually Depositing your assets in JeanBank they are directly available to others as their goods become available to you. Don't wear pre-owned clothing? Spend it at other Cloud Sharing Network sites or virtually give or donate your Cloud Sharing Currency worth $100 to $2500 to any favorite charity, friend, family member or organization using your Cloud Sharing Bank account. It's far in excess of IRS "tax deductible" recommendations . JeanBank appraises your donation based on retail replacement cost!

Deposit Value = MSRP x Condition x Interest
our simple formula determines a value for Depositor's goods. What they actually paid is unimportant!
   see in action - CLOUD SHARING BOXES deposited in JeanBank   
Depositors typically withdraw a mini-wardrobe and benefit
themselves and others economically, socially, psychologically and environmentally.
Where do millions of good clothing items owners no longer wear go?
      (The bartering business was up 176% recently (NBC) yet clothing has never been bartered, swapped, traded or exchanged with much success until recently when
tens of millions poured into the secondary market.) Cloud Sharing creates a new sub-primary retail market using the Cloud Sharing Currency.
1. Consignment/Resale stores
            * Consignment pays 40% to 50% (minus fees) of price they set.
            * many like The Snooty Fox in SW Ohio charge $20 to open an account.
            * Resale shops pay 25% to 35% of selling price in cash or check - $4 to $6 for jeans they sell for $16 to $18
            * store sets price of your goods & takes half, reduces price if unsold.
            * allows only seasonal goods & certain brands, may reject any item for any reason, and only pays by check.
2. Online auctions
            * sellers need to generate traffic and establish a track record along with good inventory to be successful.
            * auctions are time consuming, carry expenses and often disappoint infrequent sellers of yesterday's goods.
3. Charity or give away - a warm feeling & a piece of paper with small tax deduction at best
            * example: $100 & up premium jeans account for 21% of teens 13-18 market yet bring only a $2-10 tax deduction (if itemized).
            * donating a garbage bag (a poor end for great clothes) to big charities brings modest satisfaction and small tax deductions.
            * the donation deductions receipt charities use are general and not itemized unless self-administered (you gotta itemize what's in the garbage bag)
            * churches, local charities & non-profits usually avoid clothing due to the large number of goods needed to be effective
            * some 'charity' for-profit stores contract with non-profits to use name often paying less than 3% to the group. AmVets for one.
            * Cloud Sharing - JeanBank can provide a means of Donating/Gifting virtually to a local or national charity, non-profit or individual for a tax deduction.

Additional Consumer Information & Services planned
           * create alternative 'retail returns' option -increases manufacturers & retailers profit margin by reducing in-store returns and associated costs
           * consumer services: blog, referrals, transaction guarantees, locator
           * myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. (social networking, sensuality and great fitting jeans go hand-in-hand.)
           * reviews and feedback on brands, styles, retailers and manufacturers
           * retail links, environmental information, denim alternatives, fun
           * promotions, advanced notice of sales, redeem Deposits for retail discounts

JeanBank performs a service for other groups increasing their chance for success!
1. Weight Loss - Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, SparkPeople, L.A. Weight Loss, etc.
           * All want to help you loose weight, but none help you 'buy' better looking clothes that let you look like you feel
           * the expense of new clothes can be a psychological obstacle to weight loss
           * quality clothing cost more and makes you feel better but added clothing expense of loosing more weight may deter
           * local pick-up saves postage, promotes group inter-action
2. Social sites - You Tube, Facebook, etc.
           * sensuality motivates consumers searching for the perfect fitting blue jeans
           * people love to show off their new or old favorite jeans
           * contests include free promotional jeans supplied by manufacturers (we reinforce MSRP retail prices)

From a business standpoint this is an unexplored virgin market prime for development and fat with goods too nice to donate to charity.
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~ First Deposits, First Withdrawals ~ 
Each JeanBank/USPS Sharing Box is loaded. Questions? contact EcoJeanie - 530-763-BANK
 You've got a $100 to $2500 G'OLD saved for untold reasons! JeanBank opens September 2019)